Indian Elephant Painting, His Painting Now Auctioned Rp 2 Million in Hungary

The paintings made by an Indian elephant are now auctioned at a Hall of Laleng. Three of the elephant abstract canvas named Sandra (42 years old) were sold for Rp 2 million each.

Sandra painted a work that resembled a river with colorful lines. The elephant often holds a brush while in a circus around Hungary.

According to his trainer Florian Richter, Sandra painted purely for personal enjoyment. When given brushes, brushes, or other painting tools, he can quickly adjust his skills on the canvas.

Sandra was not like other Thai elephants who were forced to paint. He paints himself while in the mood.

“I just helped him change his brush or brush and put it in paint but he did it myself I praise him by saying, oh this is really good or oh this is not good,” Ritcher said.

“We’ve been together for 40 years and our relationship is like a family,” he said again.

Another Sandra family member is an acrobat family. He is the seventh generation in the circus where Ritcher grew up.

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