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Battle for the Winds
A unique theatrical event to mark the opening celebrations of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing events (July 26th-28th). Unprecedented in scale, it tells the story of an heroic quest to free the winds for the sailing contests. Aeolus, Father of the Winds, calls for all the winds of the South West to be brought to Weymouth to help the Olympic sailors. In response to his call, seven teams of Wind Gatherers from each region of the South West have begun gathering the winds, telling tales as they go. Their only fear is that stone-hewn Doldrum will stand in their way…

Thousands of professional and community artists from across the seven counties of the South-West and beyond will help to tell the tale, which starts in April 2012 in Lyme Regis, travels throughout the South West and culminates in an unforgettable three-day outdoor performance in Weymouth and Portland. Will the heroic Wind Gatherers succeed in their battle to unshackle the winds and release them in time for the Olympic sailors to harness them?

  • The Gatherings

Find out about the events across the South West in the lead up to the Battle for the Winds.

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  • Get Involved

Learn how to get involved with the project.

  • The Wind Gatherers

Meet the team behind Battle for the Winds.